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Find the queen in you Workshop at Queen of the Rhythm California 2018

September 14- 16 2018

Hosted by Tatiana  Werja

Join us for the International Belly Dance Convention, Queen of the Rhythm competition with two world renowned master instructors Mohamed Shahin and Tito. They will share their knowledge and passion to the art we all love so much. Compete at any of our multiple categories: professional, rising star, fusion,drum solo and group categories! Queens, we are waiting for you!!!!!
Save the date 14-16th of September!!!!
All information at or contact us at +1 650 204 1016, by email:

Moroccan dance with Soumaya MaRose at weekend at Montreal

Marsh 17-18 2018

Sanaa Dance is sooo excited to host Soumaya Marose in Montreal for a Moroccan dance intensive!! 

A full 10 hours of dance centred around the rich and diverse folklore of Morocco!! Classes in such topics as chaabi, Amazigh (Berber) folklore, Reggada, trance and much more!!!
This a rare and special opportunity to learn about and explore Moroccan folklore with a native teacher. Soumaya, originally from Morocco, and coming to us via Belgium and the United States, is known for her passionate artistic flair and desire to share her love and beauty of her culture. 
With very few teachers of North African dance in all of North America, make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to dive in to Moroccan dance!

Raks Maghribi workshop with Soumaya MaRose in New York

Marsh 03 2018

Hosted by Hanna St John from Bellydance America. 

When the arabic world meet the Moroccan world. Let’s discover how the Mashrek influenced the music and the dance in the Maghreb. After a short musical historical overlook, we gonna focus on Moroccan moves technic and a small choreography in a Moroccan arabic song with the unique Soumaya MaRose style in Moroccan classical chaabi.

Middle East classes/ Raks Sharki

Every Sunday 12.30-1.30 pm Open to all level 

This first session of this class we are going to study some basic vocabulary movements and combinations of the Middle Eastern dance. Then we are going to learn to connect with the music by putting them in a fun and cute Lebanese pop song. This class is open to all level since we will work on the technic, musicality and cultural aspect of the dance. Possibility of more classes in the futur and performances. 

$25 drop-in/$100 for 5 classes

Middle East classes beginner

Tuesday night 8-15- 9.15pm at studio 665 in Woburn

Every 8 sessions we will discover one style of Middle Eastern dance and work on a song and musicality. We also put that in a choreography in the goal to be able to practice by your own at home and dance in the studio showcase at the studio. 

Moroccan dance troupe class

 2-4pm: Sunday 
General description: This is a private class for students that wanted to dedicate to study the Moroccan folklore in a deep level. Their is a possibility to join the class under audition. This class is made to perform on stage and in a professional level. 



$35-45/2hours classes

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