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Authentic Hafla?

Soumaya, Amity, and Alia are delighted to welcome you to the Authentic Hafla! With live music by Mohammed Mejaour, Boujemaa Razgui and Jamal Sinnu.

What about a hafla where we all dress up and we don't perform?
What about a hafla where we all enjoy the music together?
What about a hafla where we all connect?
The third "Thé à l'orientale" is the moment where :
- You can wear one of you favorite outfits that you have never an occasion to wear
- You can feel good to party in a very special hafla 
- you can play games and dance socially
- You can ask any cultural, awkward or deep question that you have but never felt okay to ask.
This is the time to become authentically you!!!! Prize for the best outfit!

Many surprise as always, discussions, games and sharing experiences. Limited to 40 people. Registration is a must before October 20.
Fee: $20 by paypal to or by sending an email to


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